Clinical mastitis on Flemish dairy farms

01 May 2012 → 28 February 2015
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Agricultural animal production
    • Veterinary medicine
Clinical mastitis
Project description

The main objective of the large project that fits this application is to broaden the limited knowledge on incidence of clinical mastitis pathogen distribution in Flemish dairy farms. In addition, following more specific objectives: - Associations lay between business characteristics and the occurrence of clinical mastitis (on which companies will clinical mastitis more common and that management measures help prevent clinical mastitis - based explain that dairy farmer and business veterinarian can work on udder health through prevention and optimization of management). - Check prevent antibiotic resistance in bacteria that cause clinical mastitis in Flanders (foundation for preparing treatment plans and encouraging prudent use of antimicrobials in Flemish dairy farms by farmers and business veterinarian). - To determine the extent to which is controlled by genetic differences between clinical mastitis of cows, and mutations in the gene CXCR1, in particular, (in the context of the doctoral study by veterinarian Joren Verbeke).