Developing tools for measuring, monitoring and promoting the quality of teaching in the preschool child

01 November 2013 → 31 December 2016
Regional and community funding: various
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pedagogic quality
Project description

Development of three tools that are connected but each have their own finality: 1. A scientific instrument that gives an overall picture of the pedagogical quality in preschool childcare facilities. The execution of a baseline measurement is also part of the opdracht.2. An instrument derived from the scientific instrument to be used by a supervisory authority, that the educational quality of an individual containment facility is monitored via monitoring. This instrument should be a minimum standard omvatten.3. A tool that can use any child care facility to evaluate their own performance and promote. This instrument should be consistent with scientific measuring and monitoring -instrument.Voorafgaand to the development of these three instruments should be developed a pedagogical framework. This framework provides a common basis for the development of the three instruments