Antwerp Monitor Youth, Alcohol and drugs (AMYAD II): Substance use by youth in a local context (2011)

01 January 2010 → 31 December 2010
Funding by decentralised authorities
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Criminology
substance use youth monitoring
Project description

The second edition of AMYAD is built on the foundation created by the Antwerp Monitor Alcohol and Drugs in 2007 and AMYAD I in 2009. This monitoring system wants to meet the lack of reliable and relevant data on a local level for the purpose of an evidence-based local drug policy.

The monitoring system wants to collect long-term data related to substance use by youth in the city of Antwerp in a systematic and consistent way. The monitor aims to gather (periodic) information on living conditions of youth and young adults, the nature and patterns of their use, access and assessment of local aid and the presence of risk factors. The specific focus is put on the following groups: Roof - and homeless youth, youth in prostitution, truants, hardcore youth and immigrant youth.

To gather information about substance use among Young people, the Antwerp Monitor Youth, Alcohol and Drugs combines three qualitative methods: in-depth interviews with key informants, ethnographic fieldwork by community fieldwork and ethnographic fieldwork by the researcher.