heritage project 'Out of the Box'

01 May 2016 → 10 April 2018
Funding by decentralised authorities
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Information sciences
    • Other information and computing sciences
  • Social sciences
    • Information sciences
    • Library sciences
Project description

'Out of the box' works with interventions at guest locations (cultural institutions). The interventions stand out, surprise and simultaneously interact with the guest collections and / or environment. By placing scientific objects from their original context, but well thought-out, these interventions lead to reflections about science and scientific practice.
The Ghent University Museum collaborates with four institutions, each time in collaboration with a co-curator:

  • Saint Bavo Cathedral with co-curator Peter Verhelst and scenographer Koen Bovee. The skeleton of the young whale that landed on the bulbous bow of a ship in Ghent port in 2016, is exhibited in the cloister of the cathedral. The intervention works out the theme of contraindicational thinking in science.
  • Design Museum, with co-curator Fredo De Smet. Scenography by the team of the Design Museum. Interventions in the context of the temporary exhibition 'Hello Robot. The intervention works the theme' take control, loose control 'uit.We focus on a local Ghent story in research on robotics and a number ethical issues concerning knowledge creation in robotics and automation
  • Dr. Museum. Guislain, with co-curator prof. Dr. Ignaas Devisch and visual artist Alexi Williams. Scenography by the team of the Dr.Guislain Museum in collaboration with Alexi Williams. The arrangement is conceived as a small temporary exhibition about the physical confection with the dead human and animal body and the ethics in dealing with collected biological material for research (biodatabanks and the like). The intervention elaborates on the theme of ethical limits to scientific practice.
  • Sint-Pietersabdij, with co-curator Prof. Maarten Van Dyck and scenographer Koen Bovee. Organization of temporary exhibition 'Under the spell of time'. The intervention elaborates themes such as making the time and time concept measurable and how these fundamental scientific questions flow to everyday life. This is the autumn exhibition of the abbey.

'Out of the Box' opens on October 5 together with the exhibition 'City and University. Since 1817 'in the STAM. The Ghent City Museum focuses on the history of the university and the communication with the city. 'Out of the Box' sends academic heritage in the city with a storyline that focuses on communication about science and scientific thinking in dialogue with Ghent institutions.