Scientific assistence in the preparations of mathematical maneuvering models for ships

01 September 2019 → 31 August 2021
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Hydrodynamics
    • Hydrostatics
    • Marine engineering not elsewehere classified
ship manoeuvring models towing tank ship hydrodynamics
Project description

The acquisition of data on the manoeuvring behaviour of ships (by means of towing tank research, CFD, or full scale measurements), the creation of mathematical models and the performance of simulation studies are the core tasks of the Nautica team at Flanders Hydraulics Research. Years of experience have been built up in this field and there is sufficient insight into the strengths and weaknesses of mathematical modelling. Within the core task, there is not always enough time to tackle the weaknesses. The latter, however, is important in view of the ever-increasing quality requirements placed on the mathematical manoeuvring models. The Maritime Technology Division of Ghent University provides scientific support to investigate the gaps in the mathematical modelling. In doing so, use is made of the available tools as much as possible. It is not the intention of the assignment to develop new tools. Note that the mathematical modelling is limited here to the behaviour of ships in six degrees of freedom in open, but shallow water (ratio water depth / draught < 4).