Makerhealth: Facilitating frugal innovation with and for healthcare professionals by using medical fable techniques

01 December 2018 → 28 February 2021
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Other medical and health sciences not elsewhere classified
  • Engineering and technology
    • Human-centered design
    • Other product development not elsewhere classified
medical care frugal production and fablab techniques co-creation
Project description

The goal of this research project is to facilitate frugal innovation between healthcare professionals, linked to industrial design firms and local social enterprises. The starting point is always in-situ co-design sprints within creator spaces for healthcare professionals. In the "MakerHealth" project, together with patients, healthcare professionals, hospitals, designers and social care professionals, we investigate how stakeholders in healthcare itself can become creators of healthcare solutions that contribute to the self-reliance of patients or can better support healthcare professionals.

This can be done on the one hand by introducing (1) exploratory co-design tools within local care environments to create and/or adapt care solutions. (2) selecting and developing one-of-a-kind "Makerheatlh" innovations into ultra low-cost products (3) the development of a resources platform in which supply and demand can be aligned between healthcare institutions and the local social economist.