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Expert centre for Psychological Growth

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    • Learning and behaviour
    • Social and emotional development
    • Health, education and welfare economics
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    • Child welfare
    • Special needs education
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The development of children, adolescents, and emerging adults in our fast-moving society stands under pressure. Although youngsters may face more opportunities for self-development than ever before, the large number of options does not ensure that they can fully realize their potential and interests. Some children and adolescents experience stress or even develop a vulnerability for psychopathology. If children, adolescents, and emerging adults want to find their way in our complex society and to develop resilience, it is critical that they build a firmly anchored internal compass that reflects their personal interests, values, and commitments. Key figures in the development of children, such as parents, teachers, sports coaches, and caregivers, play an important role in fostering children’s psychological growth. The Expert centre for Psychological Growth aims to provide optimal support for the motivation, engagement, resilience and psychological well-being of children, youth, and emerging adults, by investin