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Centre for Research on Body Cultures in Motion

17 July 2019 → Ongoing
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  • Humanities
    • Gender studies
    • Religion and society
  • Social sciences
    • Area studies
The research group Centre for Research on Body Cultures in Motion (BOCULT) brings together researchers from different fields and focuses on corporal practices and the relation of body and performance – respecting the backdrop of the complex and ever-changing history of those terms. Key aspects of cultural studies like individual, collective and cultural identities, perception and interpretation, self-assertion, gender assignments, culture of commemoration and remembrance, are approached beyond static descriptions of symbolic systems in consideration of relativity and effectiveness dissolving single disciplines’ limitations. Since the late 1980s the ‘body’ is a central object of research in cultural studies. In the Department of Languages andCultures several researchers are dealing with questions related to “performing bodies”. The concept of performing bodies next to ‘figurations’ focuses on historical and cultural “movements of bodies” as well as “moved bodies” and the social, political and media-related technical constraints.