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Research Group Building Physics

01 October 2000 → Ongoing
Group leader
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Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Sustainable building
    • Architectural sciences and technology
    • Building physics
    • Building technology
    • Built heritage and renovation
    • Energy in buildings and built environments
    • Installation techniques
    • Life cycle analysis of construction materials
The Building Physics Research Group is contributing to the development of knowledge about sustainable, durable and energy-efficient buildings with a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Heat and moisture transfer in buildings and building components is tested, studied and modelled. In the Test Centre for Façade Components the air- and water tightness, mechanical performance and hygrothermal behaviour of building components are investigated. Furthermore, the performance of buildings and buildingservices is analysed and optimised using simulations and measurements. The research settings include fundamental research projects as well as development and consultancy projects for private companies and authorities, in which the acquired knowledge and methods are applied and valorised. The research unit maintains a close collaboration with some of the other Ghent Universities research groups and with research centres in Belgium and worldwide, e.g. KULeuven, VITO, BBRI, the National Research Council Canada and the University of Texas at Austin CEER. Next to that, our researchers participate actively in the leading international organisations and research associations in this topic, such as AIVC, ASHRAE, DBMC, IABP, IBPSA, IEA-EBC and ISIAQ.The research unit also provides consultancy for manufacturers, designers and contractors in the building sector.