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Social and Economic Geography (SEG)

19 April 2019 → Ongoing
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  • Social sciences
    • Economic geography
    • Social geography
    • Human geography not elsewhere classified
The SEG study focuses primarily on (i) urban geography, (ii) transport geography, and (iii) (changes in) land use, as well as very specifically the interactions between these domains. The research group focuses on pure scientific research (facilitatedby research funding from, among others, the FWO, the BOF and the European Framework Programs, and published in leading scientific journals) and applied research (facilitated by research funding from, among others, the Flemish Government, IWT and the World Bank, and published in research reports). Special attention is paid to the interfaces between pure academic research and applied research: SEG strives to translate the most recent scientific insights into spatial policy applications, but also to use its spatial policy research in the development of scientific knowledge. SEG has grown on a continuous basis over the past year: research is being conducted from the clearly defined lines of research that is financed and consulted from very diverseangles. At present SEG consists of 2 professors and 15 researchers with a very diverse academic background. Although the research team focuses on spatial research, there is also a multidisciplinary mix of competencies and expertise in adjacent disciplines such as planning and city studies. The group also has strong international contacts (eg the Globalization and World Cities research network), and plays an instrumental role in interdisciplinary research centers (eg the Institute for Sustainable Mobility at Ghent University).