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Uremic Toxins and gut microbiome

Uremic toxins and gut microbiome
19 April 2019 → Ongoing
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Kidney diseases
In chronic kidney disease (CKD) many uremic toxins originate in the colon and are bound to circulation proteins, which hampers their removal by dialysis therapy. Thus, targeting the primary origin of these toxins is crucial for early stage prevention strategies. Understanding altered metabolic networks associated with colon-derived uremic toxin production in CKD will advance the use of novel strategies for improving morbidity and decreasing mortality, including environmental modulators such as diet and gut microbiome. Genome characterization of a CKD cohort of adult patients will be used to reconstruct metabolic networks and to detect those that can be reshaped. Based on this data, in silico selection of pre- and probiotics will be verified using a combination of in vitro models simulating the host-bacteria interface in the gut-kidney axis. Initial validation of anti-inflammatory and toxin-reductive capacity of the customised prebiotic fibre will be performed.