Research Unit

Large Animal Respiratory Health Unit

19 April 2019 → Ongoing
Group leader
Research disciplines
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Veterinary epidemiology
    • Veterinary internal medicine and pathophysiology
    • Veterinary microbiology
The research goal is the rationalisation of antimicrobial use for respiratory infections in large animals by development of rapid diagnostics, precision medicine, control and prevention. The group focuses on ruminants (cattle, goats,...) and currently has projects on: - Rapid microbial diagnostic and susceptibility testing by MALDI-TOF MS - Development and validation of practically achievable field-diagnostic services for farming situations: e.g. quick-scan lung-ultrasound method, non-endoscopicbroncho-alveolar lavage - Veterinary decision making and precision medicine using sensor technology and advanced laboratory diagnostics - Influence of stable air quality/air pollutants on airway inflammation and immune function (prevention) - Control of Mycoplasma bovis infections - Evaluation the effects of feed additives on respiratory health and immune function in calves