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Ref4U Reference Laboratory

19 April 2019 → Ongoing
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  • Medical and health sciences
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    • Endocrinology and metabolic diseases not elsewhere classified
    • Medical biochemistry and metabolism not elsewhere classified
    • Endocrinology
"Ref4U continues the activities of the former Laboratory for AnalyticalChemistry, led by Professor Emeritus Linda Thienpont (publications).All these activities support the efforts to develop and implement ameasurement infrastructure for SI-traceable ""measurands"" in LaboratoryMedicine (EN/ISO 17511).Ref4U, as a reference laboratory, has expertise in conductingSI-traceable reference measurement procedures, listed in the database ofthe ""Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM)"".It offers services to the In Vitro Diagnostic industry, metrologicalinstitutes, organizers of external quality assessment and otherinterested parties. An overview of these services, including theassociated reference measurement procedures, is givenin the JCTLMdatabase.For these measurement services Ref4U is accredited by BELAC (ISO 17025and ISO 15195), see also the certificate with accompanying scope. Formore information, contact Katleen Van Uytfanghe, responsible for thequality management andoperational manager of Ref4U.Additional research activities are focused on developing, validating andapplying accuracy-based (SI-traceable) reference measurement proceduresfor substrates, metabolites, total and free steroid and thyroidhormones, 25 hydroxyvitamin D, peptides and proteins in serum. Allreference measurement procedures are based on isotope dilution – massspectrometry, in combination with extensive sample preparationprocedures. Further interests of Ref4U are statistical and graphicaltechniques for the interpretation of method validation and methodcomparison.Current research focusses on the activities within the frame work of theCommittee for Standardization of Thyroid Function Tests (C-STFT) of theInternational Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine(IFCC), for which Ref4U hosts the scientific secretariat."