Eveline Volcke

Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Modelling, simulation and optimisation
    • General chemical and biochemical engineering not elsewhere classified
    • Biochemical engineering
    • Biodiscovery
    • Biological control
    • Biophotonics
    • Environmental animal biotechnology
    • Environmental biotechnology diagnostics
    • Environmental engineering design
    • Environmental engineering modelling
    • Environmental marine biotechnology
    • Environmental microorganism biotechnology
    • Environmental molecular engineering of nucleic acids and proteins
    • Environmental plant biotechnology
    • Environmental technologies
    • Resources engineering
    • Sustainable development
    • Environmental engineering and biotechnology not elsewhere classified
    • Bioprocessing, bioproduction and bioproducts
Eveline Volcke is a full Professor at Ghent University, leading the BioCo research group. Eveline’s interdisciplinary research expertise can best be described as process engineering for biological wastewater treatment and resource recovery processes. She aims at process optimization through physical-based modelling and simulation, data treatment techniques and experimental studies. With her BioCo group and through international collaborations, Eveline has provided major insights concerning greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment, innovative nitrogen removal, granular sludge reactors and data evaluation. She co-authored more than 100 publications in journals listed in ISI Web of Science. Eveline is a Fellow of the International Water Association (IWA).