Smart Building Ecosystem for Energy Communities

01 June 2020 → 30 November 2023
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Energy in buildings and built environments
    • Sustainable buildings and cities
    • Automation and control systems
    • Renewable power and energy systems engineering
energy communities smart buildings
Project description

More and more energy communities are being established in Europe, and an estimated 98 million Europeans are expected to join them by 2050. The EU-funded REScoopVPP project will establish the most advanced community-driven smart building ecosystem for energy communities. This ecosystem consists of a community-driven flexibility box (COFY-Box) and tools to support energy services for aggregators, energy service companies, balance responsible parties and suppliers of renewable energy sources. The COFY-Box is based on existing open-source home automation technology with more than 1 600 integrations, resulting in it being the first entirely open, affordable and easy to install smart home energy controller. It will improve electric vehicles, photovoltaics and electric battery control, and focus on the intelligent integration of sustainable thermal storage and heating solutions.