Impact of improved agricultural technologies adoption on yield, food security, and poverty of farm households: a case study from wheat producing areas of North Eastern Amhara, Ethiopia

01 October 2022 → 30 September 2027
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Applied economics not elsewhere classified
    • Innovation, research and development, technological change, intellectual property rights
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    • Consumer behaviour
    • Micro-based behavioural economics
Adoption Impact Wheat technologies Amhara Food security Farm households
Project description

Most farm households in the Amhara region mainly rely on agriculture for their livelihoods and are often suffer from low production and shortage of food. Improved wheat technologies offer a solution to these problems but often face low levels of adoption. This study thus examines how these technologies can be utilized by farmers to maximize their impact on household livelihoods.