Literary rebels in Ghent from the middle ages until the present

10 February 2023 → 09 February 2024
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Contemporary literature
    • Early modern literature
    • Literatures in Dutch
    • Medieval literature
    • Modern literature
    • Poetics
    • Stylistics and textual analysis
    • Literary history
Middle Ages imagology literature Early Modern period ideological critique urban studies modern period
Project description

Since the Middle Ages until today literary works have contributed to the image of Ghent as a city of rebels. Literature also criticizes and transforms this image. The present project disseminates recent research into those literary rebels. It chooses the format of an illustrated book for a broad audience, city walks and a podcast series. The audience will be acquainted with a broadened understanding of literature, in which performance (e.g., happenings by Pjeroo Roobjee) and song (e.g. Walter De Buck or De Vieze Gasten) are also represented; the audience learns about recent approaches in literary studies; and the audience is familiarized with case studies from a range of periods, going from the medieval Maagd van Gent to Virginie Loveling and Stefan Hertmans. Each of those case studies also rise above their local context.