15 March 2021 → 14 March 2023
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Data communications
    • Microwave and millimeter wave technology
    • Wireless communications
Rohde&Schwarz CMW270 WiFi tester RF test Signaling mode
Project description

openwifi aims to design WiFi compliant IP (HW and SW) that provides the flexibility to build wireless communication networks with high reliability and low latency; crucial requirements for industrial and other professional application domains. Commercially available WiFi IP is focused on the consumer market and does not offer the necessary flexibility. openwifi has been introduced since beginning 2020. The openwifi valorization is based on a dual licensing strategy: a subset of the IP is made available through open source, advanced and customized features are closed source and can be licensed to our partners. On top, IDLab is open to research and development collaborations to customize the IP on partners’ request. This dual strategy allows us to focus on bilateral collaborations with partners and in parallel further develop openwifi in various research projects in area of deterministic networking in partnership with other research groups. As the use of standards is important for companies and research partners when adopting or using new technologies, openwifi compliance with WiFi standards is key to convince industry and to strengthen our offering. The equipment proposed in this project will allow us to test the compliance of the openwifi IP with existing standards and those in development. The higher maturity of the openwifi IP will make it more attractive to potential partners.