Twin-pipe pumping system for the stiffening control of 3D printable concrete

15 April 2022 → 31 January 2024
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Building technology
    • Construction materials
    • Construction materials technology
    • Construction engineering not elsewhere classified
    • Manufacturing processes, methods and technologies
mixture design 3D concrete printing pumping stiffening control numerical simulation static mixer
Project description

Within this project we will further develop and prototype our patented, novel twin-pipe technology for fast 3D printing of concrete. A prototype device for the stiffening control of 3D printable concrete will be built, providing (1) a new type of static mixer specifically designed for fresh concrete 3D printing (high yield stress, high viscosity, and the presence of aggregates); and (2) a fully automated twin-pipe extrusion of blended fresh concrete. Altogether, the results will be used to further strengthen the technology readiness of the twin-pipe technology. This will provide a solid base for communication with commercial players interested in licensing and will create potential to start a spin-off and to establish the best licensing strategy.