windSOIL: Design Optimization of offshore wind foundations using improved soil-structure interaction models based on in-situ measurements and medium-scale experiments

01 March 2020 → Ongoing
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Hydraulic structures
    • Soil mechanics
    • Wind engineering
offshore wind energy geotechnical engineering soil-structure interaction Coastal and Ocean Basin
Project description

The project aims to bring down the levelized cost of electricity by optimizing the design of offshore foundations through developing improved soil structure interaction models.The main project objective is to expand the application of large diameter (XL > 6 m) monopile foundations.

The effect of cyclic loading on soil-structure interaction is first investigated through element testing and numerical modelling of the foundation pile and the surrounding soil. These finite element models are calibrated against monitoring data from instrumented monopiles in the Belgian offshore sector. Scale model testing of the coupled geotechnical and hydrodynamic response in the Coastal and Ocean Basin of these foundations is also planned.

The existing operational and planned wind farms (2.2 GW before 2020) combined with the plans of the Federal government for a supplementary zone for offshore wind (1.7 GW targeted), boosted the industrial valorization momentum for this project and emphasized the timely character of this project