Advancing saline environmental technology for waste(water) treatment and resource recovery

01 November 2021 → 31 October 2025
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Environmental engineering design
    • Environmental microorganism biotechnology
    • Environmental technologies
    • Resources engineering
resource recovery Saline wastewater and sludge treatment technology cost and energy-efficient
Project description

Water and environment salination—driven by climate change, population growth, urbanization and industrialization, and increases in groundwater salinity—is threatening the sustainable growth of cities worldwide. The conventional technologies to handle the saline wastewater is available, however the major problems existed as more space, costly chemical dosing and extra energy input required, as well as high-strength solid wastes and brine will be left behind and are difficult to treat. We need to find a better solution. This project aimed to develop a group of novel saline wastewater and saline sludge treatment and resource recovery technologies, with the ultimate goal of mitigating the water and soil salination induced by waste disposal. The scientific and technological breakthroughs are going to focus on new membrane and advanced oxidation processes, biological treatment and resource recovery technologies. The outcomes of this project will facilitate Belgium and S-Korea towards better urban development and carbon neutralization.