Constitutive laws for hardened self-compacting concrete: experimental determination and modelling

01 January 2007 → 30 December 2012
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Building engineering
    • Construction engineering
    • Earthquake engineering
    • Geotechnical and environmental engineering
    • Water engineering
    • Wind engineering
mechanical behaviour constitutive laws self-compacting concrete
Project description

The specific composition of self-compacting concrete (SCC), having a lower content of coarse aggregates and a higher content of sand and filler, can lead tot some changes concerning the mechanical behaviour of the material. These changes can be important for the optimal structural design of elements in SCC, eg realted to shear or bond behaviour. The aim of the project is the experimental determination and the fundamental study of some selected constitutive laws for hardened self-compacting concrete, concerning uniaxial compression (with special attention to strain softening behaviour), tension stiffening effect, bond between SCC and reinforcing steel, and shear strength. This must lead to fundamentally based design models for the structural behaviour of self-compacting concrete.