Double hydroxide compounds (LDH)

01 July 2008 → 19 September 2010
Funding by bilateral agreement (private and foundations)
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    • Immunology
    • Immunology
double hydroxide compounds
Project description

Professor O'Hare (with advice from Professor Austyn on immunology and the immunobiology of dendritic cells) has developed a number of proprietary layered double hydroxide compounds (LDHs) that may stimulate immune responses and which may therefore be used as adjuvants in vaccines.
Professor Austyn arranged for endotoxin testing of these compounds prior to them being sent to Professor Lambrecht in Ghent, who has conducted a number of in vitro tests using mouse dendritic cells.
The aim is to obtain further "proof of principle" relating to the technology described above relating to LDHs, by evaluating the immunological properties of a series of LDHs in vitro and ideally to obtain initial in vivo data in mice in order to submit proposals for long-term collaborative funding to develop the technology further.