Historical biography, hagiography and the marvelous in late medieval Egypt, Syria and France: a comparative study of the diachronic use of mirabilia in the biographical traditions of Baybars, Qalāwūn, al-Nāṣir Muḥammad and Louis IX.

01 October 2014 → 30 September 2018
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • History
    • Language studies
    • Literary studies
mirabilia historiography
Project description

This research is a comparative study of the historical biographical traditions about the Mamluk sultans Baybars, Qalāwūn and al-Nāṣir Muḥammad and the French king Louis IX. A specific focus will be on the use of mirabilia, marvelous anecdotes somewhere in between fact, fiction and hagiography which figure prominently in the biographical traditionbs of all these monarchs.