Development and optimization of X-ray spectroscopic methods for the analysis of rare earth elements in geological materials.

01 September 2023 → 31 August 2024
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Planetary science
    • Analytical spectrometry
    • Spectroscopic methods
Synchrotron based X-ray Fluorescence Wavelength-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Rare Earth Elements (REEs) High-Energetic X-ray Fluorescence
Project description
The research is focused on developing and optimizing methods for the analysis of REEs in geological materials, including samples returned by the Hayabusa2 and OSIRIS-REx missions. These nondestructive methods include wavelength dispersive detection setups for REE L-line excitation between 4-8 keV, and high-energetic incident beam XRF for K-line excitation between 30-54 keV with an incident beam energy of 90 keV.