sustainable and functional packaging

01 October 2011 → 30 September 2015
Regional and community funding: IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Theory and methodology of archaeology
bio-based packaging
Project description

The project proposes to focus on three sub-projects: optimization of closing (seal) packaging, bio-based packaging for heating applications and food-safe packaging. The first subproject concerns of closing optimization (seal) packaging and the consideration of the opportunities to provide added functionality to add (eg. A selective permeability) through the seam of the package. In addition to the conventional sealing layers will also increase the functionality of the sealing layers on the basis of recycled or bio-based materials (eg. PLA, cellulose) to be examined. Research on the application of bio-seal layers can increase the proportion of innovative bio-plastics films, especially in combination with the second sub-project around bio-based containers for heating applications. The objective of this second project is to companies from offering large packaging sector research on (combinations of) packaging materials based on renewable raw materials that can be used for hot filling, pasteurization and packaging in microwave applications. In a third project one wishes to establish procedures for the development of sustainable and functional packaging that companies must allow safe food to bring packages on the market.