Maximum Loaded Drivetrain (MLD) for Wind Turbines

01 October 2016 → 30 September 2017
Regional and community funding: Industrial Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Electrical energy production and distribution
    • Renewable power and energy systems engineering
    • Wind energy
Wind Turbines
Project description

Modern large wind turbines are known to be economically viable. However, small and medium-sized turbines have a large investment cost and a high payback period. In this project an alternative design concept is proposed with which the investment cost and payback time can be significantly reduced.

A new turbine concept is proposed in this project. The nominal wind speed is considerably reduced, which leads to a turbine with a large rotor and a small and cheap generator and converter. The result is a turbine that works more at its nominal power with a relatively constant power output. The combination of the new turbine concept with the advanced control algorithm will be developed according to a licensing process. A technical proof-of-concept will be developed in a simulation model, including the advanced control algorithm and the optimal design parameters.