Evaluation PVF: the perspective of the users and their network

01 January 2022 → 01 December 2022
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Health care administration
    • Health management
personal budget persons with disabilities
Project description

The study focuses on both persons with disabilities receiving a personal budget and their networks.  Here, we focus both on persons with disabilities and their networks who could already use non-directly accessible VAPH support before 2017 (PAB and support from VAPH recognised facilities - transition Zin'ers) and new care users since 2017.

A mixed methods design is chosen, in which quantitative data is collected that is subsequently explored through a qualitative discussion of the results.
Phase 1 quantitative survey
In a first step, an online survey will be launched both among persons with disabilities and their networks.
Phase 2: qualitative survey
In a second step, the in-depth phase, we also focus on both the already surveyed network of the person with disabilities and the person with disabilities themselves (both new users and transition ZINs). In the quantitative survey, we foresee the possibility for respondents to also apply for the qualitative survey. The results of both surveys will give us substantive input for the focus groups. These focus groups will be organised among both target groups. In this way, we can gain a deeper insight into the surveyed themes and the experiences people with disabilities and their networks have in implementing and using them.