The Burnout Reintegration Monitor: Sustainable employment after burn-out

01 June 2022 → 31 May 2023
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Health psychology
    • Work and organisational psychology
    • Human resource management
Burnout Re-integration Well-being at work
Project description

Much attention is being paid to preventing burnout in the workplace but surprisingly less attention has been paid to the quality of work resumption once people resume work. The project 'The Burnout Reintegration Monitor' aims to help employers, job coaches and employees to monitor and improve the quality of reintegration after burnout to prevent relapse. In March 2021, the City of Ghent selected this project as 1 of the 8 projects for a future-oriented labor market and more sustainable, 'workable work' (Gents Arbeidspact/Labour Pact – City of Ghent). This projects aims to implement a scientific tool ('Burnout Reintegration Monitor'), that was developed and validated in the context of a PhD-study, to measure the quality of reintegration since people resumed work, after having recovered from their burnout. In cooperation with the City of Ghent, we implement this scientific tool in practice and therefore need financial support to build a website.