Award of the research function of the development of an instrument for measuring the quality of teaching in preschool childcare.

07 February 2011 → 07 May 2011
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Project description

Since Child and Family's job has taken a lot has invested the previous (federal) National Work for Child Welfare in monitoring and promoting the teaching quality, including through the introduction of quality scales and from derivatives as KWAPOI through self-rating scales such ZIKO and through the implementation of the quality decree. However, there are gaps in the framework of the public task of monitoring the quality of childcare. Since the rating scales are no longer applied, the quality of government primarily viewed indirectly. Flanders did a large-scale investigation into the baseline of ZIKO. But that happened from a single angle. Unlike other countries (eg the Netherlands), we do not have a comprehensive one tool that considers all relevant factors and that can be done periodically study the whole sector of the preschool child. Moreover, the perspective of parents currently missing, or is reduced to evaluating the satisfaction. Therefore asks Child and Family a research clarity in brag about the research needed to achieve a scientifically based tool that allows - the measure educational quality of all the formal pre-school child - to measure the basic function of achieving a minimum standard