Political centralization, economic integration and language evolution in Central Africa: An interdisciplinary approach to the early history of the Kongo kingdom

01 January 2012 → 31 December 2016
European funding: framework programme
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Archaeology
    • Theory and methodology of archaeology
    • Other history and archaeology
    • Language studies
    • Linguistics
    • Literary studies
Kongo Kingdom Democratic Republic of the Congo historical linguistics archaeology Congo Angola Bantu African history
Project description

KONGOKING is an interdisciplinary and interuniversity research group which aims at contributing to a better understanding of the origins and early history of the Kongo kingdom. It unites researchers from Ghent University (UGent), Brussels University (ULB) and the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren (RMCA), as well as from several partner institutions in Africa, Europe and the USA.