Returning home: A mixed-methods study on the relationship between repatriates’ social capital and their psychological well-being

01 January 2014 → 28 September 2018
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Social psychology
    • Applied sociology
    • Policy and administration
    • Social psychology
    • Social stratification
    • Social theory and sociological methods
    • Sociology of life course, family and health
    • Sociology of organisations and occupations
    • Other sociology and anthropology
psychological well-being migration repatriates
Project description

A mixed-methods design will be used to first explore and subsequently test: (1) which interpersonal relations and embedded resources are essential for repatriates’ well-being, (2) under which conditions people have access to this network social capital and (3) through which mechanisms this network social capital influences their well-being.