Language prohibitions as traumatic experience in contemporary Swedish and Danish literature and film

01 January 2014 → 31 October 2019
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Language studies
    • Literary studies
    • Theory and methodology of language studies
    • Theory and methodology of linguistics
    • Theory and methodology of literary studies
    • Other languages and literary studies
representation of traumatic experience colonial past in Sweden and Denmark Memory and Media Studies Contemporary Scandinavian literature Literary studies
Project description

The research project examines the literary and cinematic representation of traumatic experiences of children belonging to a national minority in Sweden and Denmark, who were forbidden to speak in their own mother tongue long into the 1950s. With reference to recent Postcolonial Studies and Memory and Media Studies it is to be analysed how the “colonial” past in Scandinavia is remembered and discussed today and which role literature and film play in this process.