Flemish Sign Language Project 2011: I'm only human

01 January 2011 → 30 April 2012
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified
    • Other humanities and the arts
deaf community
Project description

This project aims to produce a documentary based on the life stories of role models in the Flemish deaf community. The documentary will be published by Acco, and DVD, attached to the book '' I am human '. Empowerment in the Flemish and Global Deaf Community, based on the doctoral research of Dr. Goedele De Clerck. In addition, the documentary will also be accessible online for every can through a website. The stories of younger and older deaf role models, men and women of different backgrounds, show a diverse picture of inspiring life trajectories of members of the Flemish Deaf Community. As in everyday life means being deaf, but also reflections on disappointments and hopes, dreams and disappointments, frustrations and challenges, friendship and solidarity ... What wisdom acquired deaf role models in the course of their lives? Who or what has been inspiring for them?