The Local Council: Cornerstone or Fragment of Local Democracy? Belgian Councillors in a Comparative Perspective

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01 January 2008 → 31 October 2012
Ghent University funding
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Other economics and business
    • Citizenship, immigration and political inequality
    • International and compartive politics
    • Multilevel governance
    • National politics
    • Political behaviour
    • Political organisations and institutions
    • Political theory and methodology
    • Public administration
    • Other political science
comparative local politics and urban government local council
Project description

This project is turned to the role of local councillors in a changing governmental environment. More in particular it focuses on the vision of local councillors on: a) local democracy, government and policy b) the position/functioning and influence of (members of) the local council in (a) c) their political recruitment en career development d) their role perception and behaviour in their function as a local councillor. The project is dominantly quantitative research phase in 15 European countries it covers a more qualitative indepth analysis of the research questions in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.