Technical support of the Agency's Internal Administration to coordinate one Flemish regulations of the various laws and decrees on elections to municipal councils, social services councils, district councils and county councils

01 September 2009 → 28 February 2010
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Other economics and business
    • Citizenship, immigration and political inequality
    • International and comparative politics
    • Multilevel governance
    • National politics
    • Political behaviour
    • Political organisations and institutions
    • Political theory and methodology
    • Public administration
    • Other political science
local government
Project description

The assignment aims to make a mother decree in which the different rules that apply are bundled at the local and provincial verkiezeingen. This can be done either in a joint decree, with specifications for each election, either in a decree for the local elections and one decree for provincial elections. In this way creates clarity for both the local and provincial governments and the Flemish government.