VCO-based Analog-to-Digital Conversion techniques for high Bandwidth and high Accuracy

01 January 2018 → 31 December 2021
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
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With the anticipation of the new mobile data standard (5G), and a perpetually increasing demand for bandwidth, in both fixed networks and wireless applications, innovation in Analog-to-Digital (AD) conversion techniques is pivotal for the future of telecommunication. In addition, it is also essential for other applications such as (medical) imaging, sensors, etc. In the last few decades, a true digital revolution is taking place, where more and more data is processed as digital data instead of as analog signals. To accommodate this revolution, AD conversion techniques have to be continuously improved. This research will entail a more "digital-friendly" design of Analog-to- Digital Converters (ADCs), allowing these circuits to evolve alongside digital building blocks, growing smaller every year ("Moore's" law). Another consideration in this research project will be to minimize the power consumption of ADCs. The importance of this is apparent when realizing that ADCs are also crucial in hand-held battery powered applications: imagine your smart phone's
battery being drained in weeks, instead of hours. In conclusion, power-efficient, high bandwidth, compact AD conversion techniques will be explored in this project, which will be translated into actual circuits, which in turn will be realized on chip.