Dynizer Query Language - DQL: The development of a method for operational and analytical querying of NoSQL data based on semantic connections

01 December 2017 → 31 May 2019
Private funding via IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Other engineering and technology
Project description

The aim of this project is to develop a high-performance method for expressive and intuitive querying of data within the metastructure of the in-house developed NoSGL database management system, Dynizer.
Where the current survey follows technical expertise for the custom search of complex data structures using 3 basic queries, the query facility will be extended with generic query language that allows query searches based on semantic market statistics of data elements and aggregation functions on groups of row based data elements for simple data analysis applications.
Furthermore, a method will be developed to enrich unstructured data with a (questionable) Dynizer meta-structure, and to process it in a distributed manner in an efficient manner.