Design of Ostend Harbour: Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation

01 January 2010 → 01 January 2012
Regional and community funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Construction engineering
    • Earthquake engineering
    • Geotechnical and environmental engineering
    • Water engineering
    • Wind engineering
    • Marine engineering
numerical modelling wave propagation new Ostend Harbour integrated study time-domain models breakwaters Boussinesq wave propagation model SimWave mild-slope wave propagation mode inner harbour geometry wave penetration MILDwave wave diffraction wave transmission
Project description

): Numerical modelling of wave penetration, propagation and diffraction for the new Ostend Harbour, throughout all the design phases of the new breakwaters and the inner harbour geometry. The time-domain wave propagation models SimWave (Boussinesq) and MILDwave (mild-slope) have been employed within an integrated study of the Ostend Harbour, and have been validated/calibrated against measurements from laboratory scale models and prototype data from a measurement campaign.