Assessment of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the vaccination against STEC O157 of cattle in farms on the excretion of and intestinal colonization by O157 and non-O157 Shigatoxigenic Escherichia coli (STEC)

01 December 2016 → 11 January 2020
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vaccination 0157:H7 AE-STEC
Project description

According to the definition and details of the research theme, this project should bring answers regarding the vaccination of cattle in Belgium against 0157:H7 AE-STEC using two approved different vaccines, tested and commercialized in Canada and the US. A first vaccine (Econische, Bioniche Life Sciences) is based op Type 3-Secreted Effectors (T3SE) intervening in the production of the AE lesion, whereas the second vaccine (Escherichia coli Bacterial Extract, Epitopix LCC) is based on Outer Membrane Siderophore Receptor and Porins (OM-SRP) of 0157:H7 AE-STEC. Since several T3SE and OM-SRP are shared by 0157:H7 and other AE-STEC the efficacy of these two vaccines on the carrier state and shedding of not only 0157:H7, but also non-0157 AE-STEC should be assessed.