Market research focusing on risk perceptions among Belgian citizens for a research-driven communication strategy.

21 February 2021 → 20 February 2023
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Environmental psychology
    • Communication management
    • Science and health communication
Risk perceptions - coping - risk communication
Project description

This project examines how Belgian citizens perceive current societal risks (e.g., terrorism, pandemics, floods, earhtquakes, cyberattacks, ... ) and how they cope with these risks. The project aims - in three waves - to examine the underlying mechanisms central in risk communication. The following constructs will be measured; perceived occurence, perceived severity, perceived self- & collective-efficacy in combination with emotional reactions. Socio-demo's and personality traits will be used to describe different clusters of individuals and how they cope with risks. Additionally, the projects aims to examine the level of risk preparedness of Belgian citizens and their communication preferences.