Building the foundations of a forensic intelligence tool inBelgium - Be-ForIntel

01 September 2022 → 01 December 2025
Federal funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Database systems and architectures
  • Social sciences
    • Crime policy
    • Criminography and methods of criminological investigation
    • Police administration, procedures and practice
    • Safety, prevention and police
    • Criminology not elsewhere classified
  • Medical and health sciences
    • Development of bioinformatics software, tools and databases
  • Engineering and technology
    • DNA analysis technology
police social network analysis big data crime Forensic intelligence
Project description

International research shows that forensic intelligence can improve the criminal analysis process. This research project aims to map the Belgian intelligence landscape. This specifically includes the institutions, laws, and actors who govern this area. The research will examine the forensic data and the conditions by which it is obtained and organized.  Further, we will examine the feasibility and added value of a forensic intelligence tool in Belgium.  This task will include statistical analysis of crime data and social network theory to compare police-only record data and forensic intelligence data. This will result in recommendations and structural guidelines at a strategic level to guide criminal policy decision-makers on how to move forward with a forensic intelligence tool. The aim of the project is for a better understanding of forensic intelligence as a whole and to contribute to scientifically-based recommendations for relevant actors.