leadership in the consensus democracy: towards a presidentialization of the mayoralty?

01 January 2013 → 31 December 2018
Ghent University funding
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    • Citizenship, immigration and political inequality
    • International and comparative politics
    • Multilevel governance
    • National politics
    • Political behaviour
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political leadership presidentialization mayors
Project description

in this research we want to study whether the presidentialization of political leadership may provide an explanation for the promince of the amoralty in Belgium despite the continuity of the parliamentarian system and the consensus democracy at the local level. it implies an incraese in the power resources and the autonomy of leader within the executive and their party and an electoral process in which leaders are increasingly central. the project has a longitudinal and cross-sectional agenda paying attention to the factors of contingency of presidentialization. it adopts mixed methods emhasizing quantitative data.