Podcast 'The princesses of Flanders': an alternative public history of the medieval county

01 May 2021 → 30 April 2024
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Medieval archaeology
    • Medieval history
    • Gender studies
    • Medieval literature
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Project description

Did you always think that women in the Middle Ages had no say in things? That their horizon didn’t stretch beyond the home? Then get ready for the leading ladies of the county of Flanders! Women like the mysterious princess Judith, at the time of the Viking raids, or the genius pair of power players of the Burgundian era, Margaret and Mary. “De vorstinnen van Vlaanderen” brings to life over six hundred years of history, which no one can truly grasp without also taking women into account. Get a fresh perspective on the Middle Ages, looking over the shoulders of Lisa Demets and Els De Paermentier, two inspiring historians, and with Klara radio host Julie Van Bogaert by your side to guide you along the way. 

From December 2023 on VRT MAX
A co-production of Klara and the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies of Ghent University
Podcast series (11 episodes), with Julie Van Bogaert, Els De Paermentier and Lisa Demets
Research: Lisa Demets, Els De Paermentier, Stefan Meysman (UGhent)
Script: Julie Van Bogaert (UGhent, Klara)