A study into the effects of a blended professional development program on pre-primary teachers' Language Stimulating COmpetenceS (LASCOS)

01 October 2022 → 30 September 2026
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO)
Research disciplines
  • Humanities
    • Dutch language
    • Language acquisition
  • Social sciences
    • Second language learning
    • Teacher education and professional development of educators
    • Preschool education and kindergarten
social psychology Social sciences humanities Pedagogy
Project description

The quality of language stimulating interactions in early childhood

education (ECE) has an important impact on the academic language

skills of young children, which in turn is a powerful predictor of learning

success. Although research shows that high quality teacher-child

interactions are crucial for academic language learning, paradoxically, a

wide range of classroom interaction studies point to the relatively poor

quality and low quantity of language stimulating interactions in

preschool, which is even lower in the interactions with at-risk children.

This project aims to bridge the gap between evidence-based teaching

practices and actual classroom practices through a blended (online and

offline) learning professional development intervention (PDI) that

enhances pre-service and in-service teachers language stimulating (LS)

competences (dispositions, situation-specific skills and classroom

performance), both through individual and social learning. The online

PDI component offers an innovative practice environment through

video-based simulation exercises. The offline component targets

teachers inquiry and innovation of real-life practices through

collaborative video reflections, on-the-job exercises and individualised


The main research objective is to investigate the effects of the PDI on

ECE teachers LS competences. The mixed methods approach combines

survey data, simulation data, observational data, case study data from

online and offline reflections, and focus group data. The research

responds to a lack of experimental research mapping the competence

development of ECE teachers in the field of language stimulating

interactions. The valorization aims at developing the PDI and optimizing

it for sustainable implementation based on the research insights. The

integration of the research and valorization leads to an evidence-based

professional development program (PDP) with regard to LS