Ghent 1913. A virtual visit to the World

01 January 2013 → 31 August 2015
Ghent University funding
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  • Humanities
    • History
world fair
Project description

On the occasion of the commemoration of 100 years Ghent World's Fair in 2013 organizing various urban and university research institutions, digitization projects, public events and publications. The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning will in collaboration with the Department of History (Ghent University), the University, the Black Box (Department of Urban Archeology and Municipal Archives, the City of Ghent), the Department of Monuments and Architecture (City of Ghent), the Society of History and Archeology Ghent STAM for all these activities develop a common digital platform to share research and collections with the public while expertise on Ghent in 1913, 3D presentation and public history to share with the urban partners. This joint platform will consist of: 1) a number of virtual exhibitions on richly illustrated themes i.v.m. Ghent World; 2) an image bank of five hundred photos from different collections; 3) a virtual model of the site of the World (Citadelpark and current Miljoenenkwartier); 4) will be announced a free downloadable e-book to a wide audience with photographs from the collections of the University Library and the Municipal Archives, with foreword and edited by Michiel Hendryckx 5) a book in which all initiatives' Ghent in 1913. The digital platform will serve as a permanent substitute for a physical exhibition and complementary to the various publications. It will be framed by some public activities.