Experimental study and modelling of electric field enhanced pressure filtration of aqueous liposomal disperions for improved pollutatnt removal

01 January 2008 → 31 October 2012
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Analytical chemistry
    • Macromolecular and materials chemistry
  • Engineering and technology
    • Catalysis and reacting systems engineering
    • Chemical product design and formulation
    • General chemical and biochemical engineering
    • Process engineering
    • Separation and membrane technologies
    • Sustainable and environmental engineering
    • Transport phenomena
    • Other (bio)chemical engineering
pollutant removal filtration liposomes electro-pressure
Project description

The goal of this project is to quantify the effect of an electric field on the filtration and solubilisation of liposomes. Furthermore, the project will investigate how electro-pressure filtration can be optimized with respect to kinetics and separation efficiency. The knowledge gained in this project will be used for developing and optimizing pollutant removeal through liposomes.