The Impact of decentralization and 'good governance' on democratic transition in the Middle East. Case-study: A comparative political analysis between Amman (Jordan) and Beirut (Lebanon)

01 October 2008 → 31 December 2012
Regional and community funding: Special Research Fund
Research disciplines
  • Social sciences
    • Other economics and business
    • Citizenship, immigration and political inequality
    • International and comparative politics
    • Multilevel governance
    • National politics
    • Political behaviour
    • Political organisations and institutions
    • Political theory and methodology
    • Public administration
    • Other political science
political sciences political geography and international politics
Project description

Since 9/11 there is a growing consensus about the need for democratic transition in the MENA Region to counter growing religious extremism and enforce international security and stability. In that context decentralization is important strategy, financially supported by international institutions and NGO's. This research proposal studies the relations between decentralized politics and democratization by doing a comparative analysis in Amman and Beirut.