Research on the technology for the application of self-compacting concrete

01 September 2008 → 31 August 2011
Private funding via IWT/VLAIO
Research disciplines
  • Engineering and technology
    • Structural engineering
    • Other civil and building engineering
self compacting concrete
Project description

ECHO would produce hollow floor elements to establish point-based self-compacting concrete. Following results are expected from the project - a composition for self-compacting concrete, composed of the current resources to ECHO, which complies with the applicable environmental classes XC1 and XC2, has a maximum crowds strength class C50 / 60 holds and a maximum curing time of 12 hours; - A molding and formwork technology for self-compacting concrete which makes use of the existing infrastructure, which makes it possible to create cavities in elements with variable cross-section in the longitudinal direction and which allows to form the side profiles of the elements, and supplements; - a test version of the floor element relative to a similar current element with a span of 7,2m, has a minimum weight reduction of 17%, and a fire resistance of 60 minutes at a useful load of 500 kg / m². The floor element has a maximum thickness of 18 cm and a maximum width of 120 cm and can be produced at an acceptable cost. It has a smooth bottom side, which can be plastered with no adhesive layer. If necessary, the element is provided with lifting attachments. The width may be non-standard, a minimum of 15cm and a maximum of 120cm. The end of an element may have an angle between 18 ° and 90 ° and can have an excellent reinforcement of 30cm. The upper and / lower side of the element may be partially removed, it may partially have open-made channels and / or dewatering holes, and may exhibit recesses (up to 30 cm wide and 100 cm long) which may have different shapes in profile, and a tolerance of + - 5 min to own. Finally, this element will also have to meet all the conditions that apply to the future of technology platform to build;