Consultancy services to support BGS on the bioaccessibility of BaP in soils project

01 January 2008 → 31 December 2008
European funding: various
Research disciplines
  • Natural sciences
    • Soil sciences, challenges and pollution
  • Agricultural and food sciences
    • Agriculture, land and farm management
BaP in soils
Project description

Carry out in-vitro extraction of 10 soil samples with using the Simulator of the Human intestinal microbial ecosystem (SHIME) reactor system, with a view to the determination of the bioaccessibility of a suit of polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) consisting of Benzo(a) pyrene (BaP), dibenzo[a,h] anthracene, chrysene, benzo [b] fluoranthene, benzo [k] fluoranthene and Indeno [1,2,3,-cd] pyrene in the test soils.